Third Eye Project

'Capturing the world through my third eye lens'


Third Eye project came about because I wanted to showcase my best and most diverse photos I had taken and give them a platform. It is called Third Eye Project because my camera is my third eye when it comes to seeing beautiful things, enabling me to capture them for everyone to see.


The project is split into 4 categories - Views and Vistas, Nature, Food and Architecture. Each category is one of my major inspirations. Browse through the categories by clicking the images below.

Views and Vistas




Landscapes are the lifeblood of my photography. Capturing the light on a beautiful scene is a delight and means you can share the moment with others. Click the image above for photos of VIEWS AND VISTAS!

Wildlife is a well loved subject of study.  I love the challenge of trying to do justice to the intricacies of petals and antics of animals in the great outdoors. Click above for my favourite pictures of NATURE!

Food is often on my mind so I take great pleasure in capturing it and trying to make the food as exciting to look at as it is to eat. Tantilize your tastebuds with a few of my pick of my best photos by clicking above

for FOOD!

From hidden cloisters to stately homes, towering cathedrals to buzzing buildings, I love the different curves, colours and styles of different styles of Architecture! Click above to see my pick of the most interesting structures in ARCHITECTURE!

7. View from Carlton Hill, Edinburgh Third Eye Picture - Landscapes 13. Moorhen Third Eye Picture - Flowers 17. Shortbread Stars Third Eye Picture - Cakes and Bakes 2. The Grand Bridge, Blenheim Palace and Grounds Third Eye Picture - Buildings


Casson & LCB Photography

Day 7 - Spirit of Life, shine on

In 2018 LCB Photography is collaborating with poet at the piano, Casson, to create unique photos with Casson lyrics and photos taken by LCB Photography. First published on Instagram, you can see the complete series of photos by clicking above for Casson & LCB Phtography.

Slapton 2

LCB Photography (@photographylcb) shares her photos on Instagram every week and collates her images into series'. To see all the series photos in one places, click the image above!

Third Eye Picture - Instagram Third Eye Picture - Casson