Location is almost a character in some books. In novels, the places where the author sets certain scenes makes them tangible and real and makes more of an impact. And in autobiography, the places that made the biggest impression on the author and shapes them as a person changes the way, you as a reader, sees them.  


I began these projects because I am deeply interested in the world of 19th century novels and how the places they wrote about then, have changed today. Having read and lived Les Miserables and Oliver Twist, I wanted make a project to tell the story of the locations and why the authors decided to set them where they did.  


There is a set of locations for each book, corresponding the important events that happen there. Each location is illustrated with my own photos and some illustrations inspired by the book. I have written about why the place is important in the book, whether any history is mentioned and put together my favourite quotes that describe the location. Then I have written my own reflection on the place when I visited and how I thought it was and how it differed from the world they wrote about.

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On Location:

On Location: Oliver Twist


One of Dickens' main aims in writing Oliver Twist was bring to light the poverty and slums of London. He wrote what he saw and in the process changed the way people lived. I chose 8 locations that meant most to me when I read them.

On Location: Les Miserables


Written from memory, Hugo is recalling the Paris that was long gone in Les Miserables. He is looking back at a Paris he knew, literally going down memory lane. There are 12 locations which give a wide view of different parts of Paris and enhance the drama of the events.

On Location: David Maxwell Fyfe


In 2015, for the Dreams of Peace and Freedom tour, I put together a series of photos I took while travelling around with English Cabaret looking for the places important to my great grandfather, David Maxwell Fyfe. I have written about 7 places, with different locations within them, to tell the story of David Maxwell Fyfe and why they shaped him as a person.