Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 43 : In the mirror





I love taking images with reflections in them. It adds a depth and mystery about what is beyond the glass. Our lives are as mysterious as the reflection mirrors project but it's important to remember what we see is usually distorted.

In the mirror 1

Week No. 44: Rule of thirds



What I love about photography is that you can always discover something new. Although the rule of thirds principle was not unknown to me, researching further and reading people's tips showed me how much I already know but how much I can still learn. It's important to remember to be open to new ideas and listen people's advice as you can always improve.

Rule of thirds 2

Week No. 45: Geometric Shape





I love how shapes appear in images without you noticing. Squares, circles and triangles are there to be found like a treasure hunt and the patterns they create are to be marvelled at. Particularly when they have been created to be a certain way in architecture like this roof at the British Museum in London.

Geometric Shape 1

Week No. 46: Balance




Balance is essential in life as it is in photography. Finding the point when everything feels right and on an even keel. This beautiful bridge in Cahors looks like the ideal setting for a fairytale with the mist swirling around its towers - the perfect antidote to the chaos of the real world.

Balance 1

Week No. 47: Metal




I am always in awe of large structures made of heavy materials. The idea that they stand for years and support themselves is miraculous. The imposing shadow of the Transporter Bridge over Middlesborough really is a sight to behold and rivals the Bristol Suspension in its awe inspiring size.

Metal 2