Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 9 : Fill the Frame



Daffodils are one of the first signs that spring is on its way. Also known as the lenten lily, their bright yellow trumpets herald sunshine but even on a misty day, they dance and sway amongst the grass. Thank you to Fit Mum Slim Photo a Day for your tips on creating this prompt!

Fill the frame 2

Week No. 10 : Fence

"Motorway Rainbow"


I've decided to swap around my prompts for this week and the next as I want to share this photo with you! Sometimes circumstances make the perfect shot. On the motorway, you can travel through different types of weather all at once, and as I travelled up to Edinburgh recently, rainbows began appearing from each direction, framed by the snowy hills. The multi-coloured shafts of light created bridges over the fence, which looked like they made a bridge to the landscape beyond.


Week No. 11 : Footpath

"View from Captain Cook's monument"


In this time of uncertainty, remembering to take a step back and view the world with another perspective is important for our minds. Although we can't control the situation, we can be careful in our actions but not overeact. This view from Captain Cook's monument allows me to have metaphorical blue sky thinking and to go with the flow as events unfold.

Footpath 4

Beauty for brokenness, Hope for despair

Lord, in the suffering,This is our prayer...'

Graham Kendrick


I found this prompt tricky as searching Pintrest, all of the suggested images were broken windows or mirror portraits that I don't have the wherewithal to take or have that I have already taken. As I thought, this hymn kept coming back to me and I found this picture of St Sebalds in Nuremberg that is a symbol of hope. In these testing times, my faith is a constant comfort and reminds me to think more positively and share God's love with others through how I behave.

Week No. 12 : Broken

"Beauty for brokeness"

Broken 2