Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 27 : Looking down



I have always been fascinated by mushrooms as they remind me of fairytales and childhood stories. And the variety of colour, shape and size make them an interesting subject to photograph. But the amazing thing is the way they appear in damp ground and then dissapear just as fast! They really are a bit magical.


Week No. 28 : On the shelf


There is something revealing about which books people decide to display on the shelves of their house. You can discover what genres anyone enjoys, which hobbies they want to pursue further, or even which places they want to visit. Book shelves become a personality profile and give you a glimpse into anyone's hidden thoughts and dreams without even having a conversation, which makes them the perfect place to start when you want to get to know someone better.

On the shelf 6

Week No. 29 : Food


Food is very close to my heart as a subject to take photos of, as it is a challenge to create an image that does justice to how a dish tastes. Spending time in the kitchen cooking or baking up a storm, I love to create special meals for those I love. It is such a special gift to make a meal for someone and watch them enjoy the fruits of your labours.

Food 2

Week No. 30 : In the shade


When the weather is hot, trees are like magical sun hats to shade you from the beating sun. The leafy canopy

transforms into nature's fedora, making a wide brim of twigs and branches to protect your head. It is just one of brilliant properties that trees possess and why they are so useful for our planet.

In the shade 4