5th January

Wintry Scene Edit 3.1.15

Taken in Slapton, near Towcester, Northamptonshire 

'Fairytale Winter's Tale'


Over the Christmas Period, we, as a family, stayed with my Godfather and his wife in Slapton. On the night we stayed there, the temperature dropped well below freezing and there was a hard frost. We went for a walk in the morning where I took this photograph. The sun was beginning to disappear which made all the scenery look unreal and like a fairy tale. I took several photos which might make their way on here again!

12th January

Swans Edit 12.1.15

Taken on the Leg O'Mutton, Barnes, South West London 

'Parliament of Fowls'


Last Thursday morning was very unpromising day initially. It was rainy, dark and uninspiring . However after lunch the skies changed from grey to blue in a spectalular fashion. We went for a walk around Leg O'Mutton, the local nature reserve in Barnes and although the ground was soggy, the entire animal kingdom was rejoicing. Frisky squirrels jumped from branch to branch, parakeets squarked at the top of their lungs and Herons nested in the surrounding trees. All the water birds on the lake appeared to be taking their own parliament with this pair of swans as their king and queen. The  swan's white feathers caught the sun as it set and matched their magnificent orange beaks.

19th January

Winking Guerkin edit 19.1.15

Taken from the Greenwich Observatory, in Greenwich Park, South East London

'The Winking Gherkin'


Last week, we took a trip to the Greenwich Observatory to celebrate the birthday of my Mummy. Apart from the chief attractions of the Observatory including the camera obscura and crossing the meridian from the west to the east, the main attraction that caught my attention was the beautiful panoramic view from the top of the hill. It spans the Shard down river to St Pauls and at the centre is Canary Wharf and the city. It was a windy but sunny day which made taking pictures easy as the light kept coming and going making different buildings appear. In turn, parts of the skyline were spotlighted by the sun and other parts put in shadow. When we first arrived, the sun was in such a place as to make the buildings make them look like they were winking at you. This photo portrays the winking Gherkin, otherwise known as 30 St Mary Axe, and the view down river towards St Pauls and the Shard.

26th January

Frozen moss by the river Edit 26.1.15

Taken on the River Thames, at north of the river at Barnes

'Frozen Tides'  


While staying in Barnes, most days I walk up the towpath from Barnes Bridge to Chiswick Bridge. It's a very convenient walk as it is a complete circle and every day the scene alters as the light changes and different wildlife float alongside riverside. A morning walk loosens up your head for the day ahead and brightens the dullest of minds. I took this picture on the 'coldest night in England' so far this winter according to the BBC Weather Centre. All the water that had collected on the towpath had hard frozen like a skating rink and all the surrounding foliage was crystallized in ice. I take the view of the river quite often but on this occasion my eye was drawn by the moss on top of the brickwork. It was like prickly hairs frozen in time and with the river weaving its way in the background it summed up the weather conditions perfectly.