Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 5 : Red

"Rose bud"


"Roses are red, Violets are blue..."


There seems to be little colour in the winter landscape as trees are silhouetted against a slate grey sky. So it is a particular joy when you spot a flash of colour against the monochrome. Roses seem very appropriate flower to capture too as we enter the season of love.

Red 2

Week No. 6 : Something large/Morning

"Westminster Abbey"


I thought I would combine two prompts today as a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be in Westminster in the early morning. It is magical to see the city before everyone is up and about, as you can see the beautiful architecture up close without jostling with tourists and commuters. Westminster Abbey is a huge and imposing edifice but has so many details that you can see if you take a closer look.

Something large 2

Week No. 8 : Bokeh



I love this time of year when buds are warmed by the sun to start popping open. As the petals unfurl into spring, you get a feeling from nature taking a deep sigh. Everything is letting go of the cold, stiff winter and moving onto warmer, more relaxed days, filled with laughter and colour.

Week No. 7 : Silouhette




Having a look at other photographers versions of sihoulettes, I was struck that the majority are taken on a sunset background. However, I took this late afternoon and different hues of blue are a perfect contrast to this beautiful tree. The branches reach outwards as if they want to grab the clouds above.

Silouhette 1 Silouhette 11