Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 48: Sparkles




More than ever this year, the sparkle of Christmas lights will have the ability to set alight the darkness that has surrounded us. Even if everything isn't quite the same, decorations remind us of familiar feelings of Christmasses past and give us hope for future festivities.

Sparkles 1

Week No. 49 : Something Hot



At this time of year, there is nothing better than a steaming bowl of soup. After a long cold walk, coming home to a pot full of delicious ingredients bubbling on the hob is a real joy. It also gives you the oppurtunity to re-energize and refuel ready for more outdoor fun!

Something Hot 1

Week No. 50 : Seasonal




There is something so festive about snow - even a very small scattering! It creates a magical atmosphere with everything from trees to cars covered in a thin layer of fluffy marshmellow. These logs look like they should be made of cake, just like yule logs and covered with royal icing.

Seasonal 1

Week No. 51 : Holiday




At the end of this year, in the deepest depths of winter, nothing sounds more appealing than a sunny holiday. There is something so exciting about packing a suitcase and jetting off to a foreign clime. Perhaps next year will be more promising but for now, travelling in my imagination will have to do.

Holiday 2