Colours of Christmas

Inspired by John Rutter's Christmas carol, The Colours of Christmas, I compiled a selection of photos to represent

each of the colours that celebrate the best of the season.See the full series below!

No. 1 : 'Green for the ivy that grows by the wall...'/Christmas Tree

No. 2 : 'White for the mistletoe that hangs in the hall...'/Snow


One of the most special traditions in the run up to Christmas for me is the choosing and decorating of the Christmas tree. The earthy smell, the prickly branches and glistening lights create a festive atmosphere that prepare you for the season of good will.

The underlying message of new life at a time of year when everything seems to be in hibernation is also inspiring as it reminds us that Christ's birth brings new life for Christians around the world.



As a white veil of snow descends over the world at Christmas, there is something magical about the hush that it brings to a busy season. As the swirling flakes of icing sugar settle on the landscape, ordinary subjects become beautiful, daintily decorated with lines of sparkling icing. It forces us to stop what we are doing and marvel at the magical natural beauty that surrounds us and focus on the moment we are in.

No. 3 : 'Red for the berries that shine in the snow...'/Red Berries


Over the Christmas period, as well as our own decoration inside, nature puts on a beautiful display of delights for us to enjoy. Walking along the hedgerows, you can see the leaves rimmed with icy frost, rusty dogwood shining out against the dull muddy grass and jewels of berries, poking among the spiky twigs. As well as looking lovely, they feed cold hungry birds - the perfect combination of nature working in harmony.

No. 4 : 'Orange and yellow for morning's first glow...'/Candles

No. 5 : 'Blue for the robe of his mother so mild...'/Stained Glass

No. 6 : 'Gold for the precious gifts they brought to the child...'/Nativity


At the darkest time of the year in the run up to the shortest day, light feels like a thing to treasure, creating a cosy atmosphere to hide from the cold dark weather. However, they also light the way to the future, without forgetting the past. At Christmas it can be particularly difficult for those who have lost people who they loved, so candles can light up memories of the past to help us remember those who are always with us in our hearts.


This beautiful stained glass window was taken in Rye Parish Church and depicts the nativity scene. However, I chose to highlight these beautiful angels against the vivid blue stained glass which shows how vibrant this time of year can be. Take time to enjoy the rich reds, sparkling silvers and iridescent golds as they brighten up the darkest time of the year!


Gold was a very precious commodity at the time that Jesus was born, and still is, however, there are some things that can't be bought with gold or riches. One of the those things is time. You can't buy back time that has been lost in stress or worry so remember to enjoy every moment of the festive season this year as you never know what is around the corner.

No. 7 : 'Silver the starlight to shine through your sleep...'/City Christmas


Christmas in the city is a fast paced hum, with shoppers frantically running around to get the last gifts on their list before the shops close, and windows filled with expensive treats to tempt customers. However, like the baubles in this photo in Covent Garden, it worth reflecting on what we are already grateful for, instead of endlessly looking for what we think we want. Just enjoy the decorations on display and be thankful for being there to enjoy them.

Green White Red Orange and Yellow Blue Gold Silver