Project 52 : 2020


Week No. 13 : Looking out

"Castle Howard"


Everyone seems to be spending more time looking out through windows at the moment. But it makes a difference if you take the time to see how the framing of the view from your window affects what you see. Each pane reveals a different aspect and allows to focus on the small details you might have overlooked before.

Looking out

Week No. 14 : A daily habit



Walking is one of the daily habits I have developed over the last few years. Just getting out of the house into the fresh air before I start my day gives me a clearer head and allows me to put everything in perspective. The joy of noticing the changes in the seasonal landscape is something that enriches my life and makes me more aware of the world I am a part of.

Daily Habit 1

Week No. 15 : Messy



In this disorganised and messy world which we are currently living in, finding order is a difficult thing to do. However, nature is always ready to share friendly advice in times of trouble. These logs are an example that although we can be piled high with worry and doubt, if we support each other, we can get through anything.

Messy 5

Week No. 16 : In the distance

"Paths in the forest"



At the moment, it is difficult to look ahead a day, let alone a month. Everything has been brought to a stand still which makes it difficult to plan anything. However, looking into the distance allows to take in every moment we enjoy and be able to see beyond this time, to a brighter future.

In the distance 2

Week No. 17 : Sunset

"New Moon"



In these bright April days, sunsets have lit up the sky, with a wash of pinks and purples. The perfect end to the day, they always make me feel full of love for the world we call home. It feels like a special show, painted for our benefit to inject colour into what can be lifeless days.

Sunset 7